About the Flared Bottoms

This style was firmly rooted in the military up until the 60s after which people started visiting army and military surplus stores in search of cheap and decadent fashion and the boot cut jeans caught up. They became a symbolization of cowboys, who started wearing them given how comfortable and mobile they were.

It wasn’t long before flared jeans made their way to the runways and stores. People who couldn’t find the exact army boot cut jeans began finding alternatives and started experimenting with fabrics and designs.

By the time 70’s arrived, they were no longer branded as unconventional clothing worn by radicals. Designers finally started accepting them as full blown fashion trends and the stigma surrounding the flared bottoms was gone.

They were now being manufactured in all shapes sizes and fabrics. Men and Women alike were enjoying wearing them. Celebrities too were wearing them, boot cut jeans, platform shoes and funky hats were a trademark hippie outfit. From then on time and again this trend has resurfaced.

Talking about the 70’s they were epitomized by flared bottoms and now again we have them back in the market though only the fairer gender seems interested in them this time around. Does this mean that the skinny jeans are out?

We can’t say that for sure but celebrities from Vanessa Hudgens to Gisele Bundchen have this denim item on their favourite list. There are certain things that can just not be done right with the skinny or straight fit jeans, the bohemian look for example! You can go all out and style an off shoulder top with your favourite flared jeans and a pair of pointy heels, finish off the look with a wide tan belt and you are all set to rock the town!

Designers have included modern modified versions of the bell bottoms in their collections. We now have co-ord’s and jumpsuits which are flared from the bottom and have become a rage amongst women all around the world.

For those of you still questioning this trend here are some points which may alter your outlook –

  • They give out the impression of a more slender and slimmer physique.
  • The fitted hips and high waisted flared bottoms make you look curvier and Bayonne like (tiny waist, broad hips).
  • Flares give you options. The distressed jeans, the straight fit and the skinny are the three options that we have literally exhausted and it’s now time to do the same with these.

How to wear them –

  • The flared denims or any flared bottoms look great with short tops or crop tops.
  • The length of the flared bottoms are the trickiest part, the must show the front of your shoes but not be above that. Wearing the wrong length can destroy your entire outfit.
  • We are in a fashion phase where you can literally experiment with anything and everything which is why you don’t always have to go by the book, you can pair the jeans with casual shoes and a short top to give it a more casual look.