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Why You Should Personalize Your Ring

Why give a regular ring when you can personalize it? Engraving on rings makes it more endearing to the receiver. It is a promise ring, signifying commitment, and fidelity. It shows that the relationship is past dating and moving towards something more serious, more personal. When purchasing your jewelry, ask the jeweler if they engrave. You can also read about Limoges Jewelry, where you can find out more about personalized and customized rings. Limoges Jewelry offers you many varieties of flashy and traditional rings. They also engrave rings so you can choose what you want to imprint on your ring.

What can you engrave on your ring?

Significant dates

Choosing important dates makes the ring sentimental. You can select the day you both met, the day you proposed, your wedding date, or any other significant date that you both can relate to and cherish the moment of that day. You can also choose the date format; using numbers only is quite more natural and saves space. For example, 01.01.2020, 01/01/2020, or the other variant, Jan 1, 2020.

Initials or name

This is usually what many people want to engrave. You can choose nicknames, use monograms, combine your names to form a new name. It makes you and your partner when you look at it to remember a promise made to yourselves to be together, forever. There are various ways of you writing it; your engraver will help you in selecting the best.


You can use sentiments; it is a way of charming your partner and making his or her day. Many people prefer to use emotions such as “I am forever yours as you are mine,” “Always and Forever,” “My heartbeat,” and so on. Sentiments are endearing, and it shows what you love and how much you love and adore your partner. When you are choosing, choose something special, something that makes your partner brighten up. You can use something you say to him or her often. Another choice of sentiment that can be used is something that describes your partner’s personality or the essence of your relationship.

Bible verses

The use of Bible verses encapsulates a lot. There are many Bible verses to use, especially from the Song of Solomon, such as “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” (Song of Solomon 2:16). Other examples from other parts of the bible you can use are “There is no fear in love” (1 Peter 4:8), “And now these three remain faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). There are many other texts you can use. You can also engrave the Bible verse you plan to read at your wedding.

Poems, funny phrases, significant location

You can select a phrase from a poem or a humorous, funny phrase which both you and your partner can relate with. You can choose the place you first met your partner, where you proposed, or any great location your partner likes.


Engraved rings are more personalized and have more significance to you and your partner. It can brighten up moods, instill hope, and serve as a constant reminder. It means more when you use an engraved ring.

Maintain and Look After a Suit

Maintaining your wardrobe

It’s important to realise how cleaning your wardrobe regularly can increase the longevity of a suit. Protecting and cleaning your wardrobe from top to bottom will prevent insects, especially moths, from wiggling their way into the garments, woollen clothing in particular. Having a professional opinion from a wardrobe specialist would be a good start, or you can keep your suits in zip-up suit protectors until then.

Brushing your suit jackets and trousers

Cleaning your suit jackets and trousers with a stiff bristled brush after each use is important, this will remove the dirt that has accumulated on the outer layer of fabric, before it has a chance to settle. If this is not done, especially before placing into the wardrobe, it will attract insects to feed on the fabric. Another benefit to brushing your suits after use is that it will decrease the number of visits to the cleaners.


Many household staff will have access to a steaming machine or iron, this is an excellent way to prepare and quickly remove lines and creases from delicate fabrics. There is a minimal chance of damaging the fabric as it won’t come into contact with the hot plate of a normal iron. However, steaming isn’t as effective on cotton and you should take great care when steaming a wool suit to prevent a shine from appearing on the material or crushing the surface texture.

Wool protection

If not cared for properly, wool can be a very expensive material to repair. With its long-established wear in society, it would be a shame to not look after suits made from the luxury material with care. Before you store your wool suits, you should have it professionally cleaned as this will get rid of any microscopic insect eggs that may have been laid on your jacket. Moth balls are a reoccurring nightmare if not prevented properly, natural alternatives such as lavender, rosemary and other aromatic repellents would work well.

Find Your Personal Style

It matters to know what your persona is when it comes to fashion. Some value comfort over the hot fashion trends, and some really go for what is the latest. It’s either you are the sporty gal or that lady who enjoys floral. One’s personal fashion style does not need to just be on the safe side. You can always explore, but make sure that you wear what you want.

For sure you have seen models, celebrities, or even your prom queen in high school strutting around with their own personal fashion style. Did you like what they wore? Having social media around makes it a lot easier for you to find your fashion icon. Being online means you can easily browse fashion websites or even do your own research on Google and pin those pictures with fashion styles that you prefer. Set a time for some fashion soul-searching and when you know what kind of fashion inspires you then you’re on a good start.

When was the last time you checked your wardrobe? You may be too busy to take time and smell the fashion trend inside your closet, but it’s time for you to compare and contrast. Do your present clothes match the ones your fashion icons wear? To have a great personal fashion style, you should exert effort in sorting out your clothes to really know what you actually wear, to those you have to let go.

Shop and replenish

Now that you have cleaned out the outdated part of your wardrobe, it’s time for you to do the most exciting part of it all – shopping! Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be costly. Creating your personal fashion style does not have to be mainly signature clothing. You can also try thrift stores or set aside money for seasonol sales here and there. Get the fashion that inspires you without spending too much. ‘

Ramp and Roll

Now that you have a refreshed personal fashion style, it’s about time that you gauge your lifestyle with your fashion sense. You have to know how to apply your chosen fashion trend to your daily activities. There can be many versions of your style whether you are a home based mom, an entrepreneur, or a busy office girl – you must have the right accessories for your clothing to match your lifestyle.

Be your own fashion guru

Even if you have fashion mentors that inspire you, your personal fashion style should still be coupled with a lot of confidence and uniqueness. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Wardrobes for Super Hot Summer

Whatever the cloth model you choose, it is better to have cotton fabrics to avoid too much heat. The clothes should be modeled in such a manner that it offers proper ventilation for the body. In this article, we would be listing wardrobes that are the best fit for super hot summer.

  1. You can go for a pleated sleeveless dress so that much of the body heat can be radiated back. The air circulation through under arm helps the body to cool down.
  2. The V-neck stretch knit maxi dress ensures proper ventilation through the body during the hot summer season. This provision takes out the body heat in no time.
  3. The white cotton shirts and lighter colour shots make sure that your body is not exposed to lots of infra red radiation. The white colour is known to reflect back almost all light falling on it. Hence, it acts as a cover for you to escape the summer heat.
  4. It is always better to go for shorts in case of men and skirts in case of women to provide proper ventilation to the lower half of the body. Otherwise the lower half would become moist and allergic reactions due to salt from the sweat will start.
  5. It is better to wear a loose Lou & Grey stripped chambray dress to ensure the free passage of air to all parts of the body. This will take out the body heat in no time.
  6. The Wraparounds made of linen or cotton provides pores for easy ventilation to the body. The colour of the clothes should be lighter to avoid taking in too much of infra red radiation.

Sizing Hat

To find your hat size, you’ll need a soft, flexible tape measure or a piece of string and a ruler. If you’re using a tape measure, wrap it around the back of your head about one-eighth of an inch above the top of your ears. Allow the two ends to meet in the center of your forehead above your eyes. Don’t pull the tape tightly; it should rest gently against your skin. Release the tape while keeping your finger on the point opposite from the free end to mark your head circumference measurement. Record the measurement, and round it to up the nearest eighth of an inch; match this number to the hat sizing guides below. If you’re using a piece of string, simply wrap it around your head until it meets in the middle of your forehead, cut off the excess, and measure the remaining string with a ruler to get your head size. Always measure at least twice to be sure that you’re getting the most accurate results possible.

Head Circumference: 21 1/8″ to 21 1/2″ or 54cm to 55cm

General Size: Small

Specific Size: 6 3/4 – 6 7/8

Head Circumference: 21 7/8″ to 22 1/4″ or 56cm to 57cm

General Size: Medium

Specific Size: 7 – 7 1/8

Head Circumference: 22 5/8″ to 23″ or 58cm to 59cm

General Size: Large

Specific Size: 7 1/4 – 7 3/8

Head Circumference: 23 1/2″ to 23 7/8″ or 60cm to 61cm

General Hat Size: X-Large

Specific Hat Size: 7 1/2 – 7 5/8

Head Circumference: 24 1/4″to 24 5/8″ or 62cm to 63cm

General Hat Size: XX-Large

Specific Hat Size: 7 3/4 – 7 7/8


Several factors can throw you off course when you’re trying to measure your head for a new hat, but you may not encounter them until you try on a few of your favorites. Standard measurements may vary among manufacturers. For example, a medium-sized trilby hat made by one company may be slightly larger or smaller than a similar hat offered by a different brand. Some materials tend to create a looser or tighter fit than others. It’s important to remember that sizing charts are approximate.

Shoe Wearing Tips For Men

  • Always make sure that your shoes are darker than the pants you wear. This is one of the most important tips you can find for men’s shoes. Instead of attracting attention in the right way like it is the case for women, shoes brighter than your pants can actually leave you looking ridiculous.
  • Never wear sandals with socks. No matter how cold it could be, this is the last thing you should ever do, especially when you plan to step out of your house. The inclusion of socks spoils an otherwise good looking pair of sandals and the image in general.
  • Be cautious when choosing to wear your khakis with sneakers. This is because such a combination can end up making you look much older that you really are. Unless this is the kind of look you wish to achieve then try a different shoe for the khakis.
  • Match the socks you wear with the shoes. If this sounds a little funny to you, then at least let the socks you choose strike some balance between the pants and the shoes.
  • When wearing your dress shoes, make sure they are shined and looking good at all times. You can shine your shoes or get a professional shoe shiner to get the job done for you. If you can, then you should consider having a shoe shining cloth or brush stashed in your drawer in the office to keep the shoe looking amazing.
  • Try and buy flip flops every summer, but never wear them to work. They are some of the most comfortable shoes you can have for that time you just want to relax at home.
  • Get yourself a good pair of loafers or a few of them if possible. The great thing about loafers is that they go with just about any outfit and will work for any look.

Tricks To Wear Neon

With neon, less is usually more. You do not want to end up looking all high-vis like a lolly pop lady! Instead of going the whole hog and wearing a neon dress from shoulder to ankle, begin your neon wearing journey by choosing a few smaller items of clothing or flashes of neon colour on clothing or on your accessories.

Consider wearing sportswear with neon flashes – this is an easy way to ease yourself into this glaringly bright palette. Sportwear is super fashionable at the moment and it is not just being worn to the gym, thanks to the huge athleisure trend. Try a stripe down the side or a flash on a trainer echoed in a shoulder bar or in a logo or emblem on your top. You could also go a little more daring but still sporty in theme by donning a neon sports bra underneath a paper thin T-shirt, or by layering a neon bralette over another sports top.

But neon is now not just for sports clothing. Now, neon is also being worn for a range of different day and evening wear options. You could find a neon mini and temper it down with a neutral bomber or denim jacket and some high tops. Alternatively, you could go the whole raver route with a range of neon clothes and accessories for the club. Psychedelic clubbing clothes can make you stand out when you are out on the town, so why not let go of your inhibitions and just give it a go.

Neon is bold, modern and brave but when you can wear at least a little bit you will know that you have the confidence not only to wear it, but to wear it with aplomb. You could choose a neon bag, for example, or some really vibrant hair accessories. Do not be afraid to brighten up your wardrobe on these cold autumn and winter days and nights.

About the Flared Bottoms

This style was firmly rooted in the military up until the 60s after which people started visiting army and military surplus stores in search of cheap and decadent fashion and the boot cut jeans caught up. They became a symbolization of cowboys, who started wearing them given how comfortable and mobile they were.

It wasn’t long before flared jeans made their way to the runways and stores. People who couldn’t find the exact army boot cut jeans began finding alternatives and started experimenting with fabrics and designs.

By the time 70’s arrived, they were no longer branded as unconventional clothing worn by radicals. Designers finally started accepting them as full blown fashion trends and the stigma surrounding the flared bottoms was gone.

They were now being manufactured in all shapes sizes and fabrics. Men and Women alike were enjoying wearing them. Celebrities too were wearing them, boot cut jeans, platform shoes and funky hats were a trademark hippie outfit. From then on time and again this trend has resurfaced.

Talking about the 70’s they were epitomized by flared bottoms and now again we have them back in the market though only the fairer gender seems interested in them this time around. Does this mean that the skinny jeans are out?

We can’t say that for sure but celebrities from Vanessa Hudgens to Gisele Bundchen have this denim item on their favourite list. There are certain things that can just not be done right with the skinny or straight fit jeans, the bohemian look for example! You can go all out and style an off shoulder top with your favourite flared jeans and a pair of pointy heels, finish off the look with a wide tan belt and you are all set to rock the town!

Designers have included modern modified versions of the bell bottoms in their collections. We now have co-ord’s and jumpsuits which are flared from the bottom and have become a rage amongst women all around the world.

For those of you still questioning this trend here are some points which may alter your outlook –

  • They give out the impression of a more slender and slimmer physique.
  • The fitted hips and high waisted flared bottoms make you look curvier and Bayonne like (tiny waist, broad hips).
  • Flares give you options. The distressed jeans, the straight fit and the skinny are the three options that we have literally exhausted and it’s now time to do the same with these.

How to wear them –

  • The flared denims or any flared bottoms look great with short tops or crop tops.
  • The length of the flared bottoms are the trickiest part, the must show the front of your shoes but not be above that. Wearing the wrong length can destroy your entire outfit.
  • We are in a fashion phase where you can literally experiment with anything and everything which is why you don’t always have to go by the book, you can pair the jeans with casual shoes and a short top to give it a more casual look.

About Down Jackets

For you to buy a high-quality jacket you need to consider a number of tips. These tips include:

The quality of the feathers: As mentioned, the feathers (down) are the ones that keep the jacket warm. For your jacket to be of the high quality you need to have high-quality feathers. The quality of the feathers is measured in “fill power.” Fill power depends on a number of factors such as the type of down used and how it was installed in the jacket. As you must have guessed, the higher the fill power, the better the quality of the jacket. When making the purchase, go for a jacket with a fill power of at least 550. If you want excellent insulation, go for one with a fill power of 750 and above.

Fabric used: The fabric is the one that holds everything in place. It also protects the feathers from exposure to moisture while at the same time shielding the tiny warm air pockets from being blown away by the weather. To ensure that your jacket is of high quality you should ensure that the fabric used is of high quality.

Style: Just like any other piece of clothing, down jackets come in different designs. Different styles look good on different people. Just because you are keeping warm it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to look fashionable. For a great look, go with a jacket that looks great on you.

For your jacket to retain its look for long and continue providing you with warmth, you need to take good care of it. Some of the ways of taking good care of your jacket include:

Keep the jacket clean: In addition to keeping the jacket looking great, regular cleaning also removes grime thus enabling it to fluff up more. This ensures that the jacket traps more air thus providing you with more warmth. For ideal results, follow the cleaning instructions given by your manufacturer.

Patch it up: When the jacket gets torn by ski edge, tree branch or wayward knife toss, you shouldn’t leave the jacket like that. You also shouldn’t waste money buying a new jacket. The best way of going about it is to patch the jacket using nylon repair tape or fabric glue. When patching the hole ensure that it’s done professionally.

Comfort and Style With Calvin Klein Shoes

Calvin Richard Klein wanted to be a fashion designer since his childhood. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology in 1963, he started working on Women Coats. Calvin Klein Ltd was founded by Calvin Klein in 1968 with the money loaned to him by his friend Barry Schwartz. He later became a partner at Calvin Klein Ltd. Their business prospered with an order worth $50,000 from Bonwit Teller.

He received the Coty Awards for three consecutive years. In 1970’s the jeans by Klein became famous. CK sold 200,000 jeans on the very first day they were put out for sale. During 1980’s it launched its very own fragrances. Some of these fragrances were worldwide hit. Obsession and Eternity are two best selling perfumes by them. In December 2002, Calvin Klein Inc was bought by Philips Van Heusen Corp.

Klein has large number of shoes to enhance the magnificence of your outfits and adding class to your wardrobe at the same time. These shoes are regularly worn by trendsetters, celebrities and advocated by stylists to their customers.

Calvin jeckel t-strap pump will add beauty to your outfits. They are designed using faux snakeskin to make them appear more stylish. They deliver comfort and style both at the same time. CK Lucia Pump is designed to add elegance to your dress. They have a tapered pointed shoe with side stitching design.

CK sari shoe are excellent for ballet. It is a flat shoe with patent leather. CK Inc has designed the shoes for the cold weather as well. The CK Soledad boot, CK Ryder boot and the CK helix boots are good choices to maintain style in cold weather.

Men Shoes by CK have a comfortable leather and sole. Calvin Klein ‘Estell’ is a dress shoe. It has a classic oxford look with a bicycle toe design. Malcolm Stretch Vamp Loafer Shoes is another famous pair of shoes. The leather flexes with your movement to give that comfortable feel. One can also try Bravo Slip On, Ellis Lace Up, Nash Slip On etc.

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