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Dos And Don’ts Of Boots

Dos of boots

When buying the shoes, you should buy those of neutral-cool. The cool thing with these is that you can wear them with almost any outfit that you might be having. When wearing the boots you should watch your hemlines. As rule of thumb, you shouldn’t wear a dress or skirt that hides the top of your knee-high boots. Experts recommend that you work at creating the equestrian look.

The size of the shoe has a great impact on how comfortable you feel wearing it. You should avoid a shoe that is too small as it will be too uncomfortable to wear. It also will be painful. You should also avoid a boot that is too large as it puts you at the risk of blistering. You also tend to lack stability when walking on shoes that are too big.

For the shoes to last for a long time you should take good care of them. When you are out in the mud, ensure that you clean the boots before storing them. Most boots are made from leather. To protect them from the damage you should prevent them from getting into contact with harmful chemicals or other products.

Don’t of boots

One of the things that you shouldn’t do is to wear the rubber boots. While the rainy weather might be fun for your six-year-old, you shouldn’t follow suit. There is nothing wrong with you wearing the rubber boots but you should avoid wearing the childish boots that come with cartoons drawn on them. Another thing that you shouldn’t do is to double up. You shouldn’t wear a yellow boot and a yellow slicker. You also shouldn’t wear a plaid sweater and plaid boot.

Many women report that they don’t like wearing the mid-calf boot but you shouldn’t be scared of wearing it. When you pair it with the right outfits you will create a great look. The best way of going about it is to pair the boot with a sleek and simple skirt. You can also wear a skirt that hits at your knee for that flattering look. When wearing the boot you should pay attention to the nature of your outfit. If the outfit is simple, you should spice up the look with colors.

Wear Fringe Boots And Look Stunning

  • Remember that less is more when it comes to fringed boots. You might love the fringed look, but this does not in any way mean that you must settle for boots that are all covered up in the fringe. Go easy with the amount or length of the fringe when buying boots so you do not end up looking immature and childish. To look chic, stylish, just enough fringe is what you should look for and not an all-fringed pair that hides other parts of the shoe.
  • Keep other fringed items off your look. Fringes can be added to anything, including women’s handbags, jackets and even skirts and scarves. If you choose a cute fringed boot, then there should be no reason why you should add another fringed item to your look. Choose the rest of the clothing carefully so you can pull off a modern, stylish look unless what you are looking for is the traditional cowgirl look.
  • Go for neutral colors when choosing the boots. Today color blocking is the thing and it is okay to choose neon green shoes to complete an outfit. However, when going for a fringed boot, it might not work as well. It is best that you keep off the bright colors and go for neutral colored boots; they look better and will be easy to pair with different outfits especially during the cold season.
  • Try skinny jeans to show off your beautiful boots. The fringe does not make any sense if it is kept hidden and therefore skinny jeans work best for your look because they show off the beauty underneath. Leggings would also work for the boots because they tuck in easily just like skinny jeans. This is also a helpful tip because you manage to balance out the bulky look of the fringe boot with slim leggings or skinny jeans.
  • Couple your pair with shorts. Boots and shorts are a trendy look and you will make it even trendier when you wear your favorite shorts with fringe boots. It is a combination that is popular even in the fashion industry and the most appealing look is with ankle boots and shorts that end somewhere on mid thigh. They would also work with short skirts.

Clarks Desert Boots

Clark first introduced the Desert Boot for sale in 1949, basing them on the form of chukka boot worn by British forces in the deserts of North Africa in World War II. This particular form of the chukka boot usually has a crepe sole with a suede upper (though they come in dozens of different leather and suede uppers now), themselves based on South African shoes called Veldskoen. Since then, the humble desert boot has become a staple of men’s style; jeans and desert boots make an iconic pair.

The desert boot has a very simple and utilitarian look, which makes them versatile and enduring. I’ve owned several pairs of desert boots over the years, from the classic beeswax leather to brown suede. They’re comfortable and cool and stylish all at once. They make an excellent shoe to be thrown on with any outfit, especially for a guy who prefers a more casual but still neat appearance. Essentially an all-purpose shoe, they can be worn with jeans, chinos and even suits. I’ve seen them worn with everything from white linen to dark navy suits (the latter pairing of which is more fashion-forward). I personally avoid wearing anything but dress shoes with suits, but it can definitely be done.

I find that the beeswax leather looks better as an everyday shoe, and prefer to save the softer, more delicate suede for dressier occasions. That is my personal preference, and they look great in just about any style or configuration you wish.

For this reason, they are essentially an all-season shoe; keep in mind, they are not weatherproof. Water will go right through them, so I suggest weatherproofing them with some kind of spray or if you plan to wear them in winter.

One thing to note about the Clarks is that they run large, usually by about one whole size. I wear a size 13, and when I bought my first pair of Clarks that size, they were quite large and loose. That didn’t stop me from wearing them almost every day for 2 years straight, but I’ve since downsized to a size 12. Those fit much better, but are still a bit loose around the ankles. That, however, has more to do with the construction and shape of the boots than anything else. Wearing thick, wool socks definitely helps. I’ve even tried 11’s and 11.5’s, but they were too tight for my feet. I do know that the leather, especially the suede, will stretch and break in over time, so if the choice comes down to slightly too large and slightly too tight, I’d suggest going with the smaller pair.

Another nice benefit of the desert boot is they are made with Goodyear welt soles; once the original crepe sole is worn out, they can be resoled by any traditional cobbler. Some people like to put Vibram soles on there, for extra grip. I’m a fan of the look of leather boot soles, which instantly turns the shoe into an even classier and dressier piece. You’ll lose the ruggedness and grip of the shoe, but with some good polishing and waxing, the shoe will look great with any outfit. My first pair of desert boots lasted 2 years of almost every day wear, before the crepe soles finally wore out.

That is one thing about the desert boot; the crepe sole is very light in color, and because of the grip and texture of the rubber, it becomes very dirty very quickly. Within the first few wears, you will notice that the sole looks considerably darker, and eventually blacken over time.

Another option you may want to consider, especially if you like to go rough on your apparel, are the Clarks Bushacre 2’s. Almost identical to the regular Clarks Desert Boot, the Bushacre’s come with a hard rubber sole. It’s both grippier than the original crepe sole, and tougher and longer lasting, made for more outdoor use. However, it looks just as good as the original, the only visible difference being the color of the sole. This rubber sole also remains a lot cleaner than the crepe sole, as it doesn’t pick up nearly as much dirt.